Why Break fix MSP suck

Break-Fix Mindset: The biggest problem of MSPs

A break-fix mindset means an MSP’s goal is to fix broken things and keep them running. The problem with this mindset is that it doesn’t work for every business. The reality is that every MSP has a different set of skills and needs to focus on what matters most to them.

The first thing you must ask yourself is, “What do you want from your MSP?” If your answer is to provide a break-fix IT shop, you are probably paying too much for too little work. An IT repair shop just around the corner of your street can also do the same. Then why MSPs?

Well, I am not trying to undermine the break-fix services. Managing IT infrastructure is a complex and time-consuming activity. And, break-fix is an integral part of your tech support team (in-house or outsourced). The universal truth is that Technology Breaks! And, even with the most reliable tech landscape, you mustn’t forget that your users are human! I am sure employees will find it challenging to switch on their computers or even print a document. So, support technicians are critical to ensuring the seamless functioning of your hardware and software. But, does an MSP fit in this support model only as a problem-fixer?

Let us explore this question from another perspective. We hire MSPs

  • to bring in predictability when systems break, thus reducing MTTR;
  • to get the cost advantage by leveraging their scale of economy and lower TCO;
  • and de-risk the challenges of hiring skilled professionals with varying tech expertise. Thus fewer HR costs and future budgeting, like hiring, compensation, retention, etc.

While all these reasons focus on businesses to help their operational efficiency, where are the users here? Technology is the foundational layer of business operation and exists for your users — not the other way round. Every business personnel is tied to technology, from customer support to the revenue-generating teams.

Doesn’t it make sense to think about your employee and customer experience while crafting a top-notch IT support delivery? An MSP’s SLA starts when a user reports a problem. But, the fact is, the user’s tasks (his KPIs) are halted — from the same ‘moment.’ These users are the reason for the very existence of technology and hence the MSPs. However, these users are missing when defining the criteria to onboard MSPs. Strange!

Why-Break-fix-MSP-suck small

The biggest irony is that users will always blame the tech department. If you can’t fix the issue, the support personnel sucks! If you can fix it but took the entire day to find the root cause and apply the patches, the technology team is again at fault. But, if you beat all the odds and fix the issue within a quick 30-min resolution time, they will acknowledge your fast service.  Except for this time, they’ll blame you for not preventing it. So, technology will surely break at some point — maybe today or in ten days. And, IT will always be on the firing line.

However, MSPs should be your first checkpoint that focuses more on preventive recommendations rather than betting on your good fortune in your technical affairs. These MSPs must play a leading role in fostering strong relationships with your user community. Your MSP should be more than a band-aid to fix problems, not just a PC repair shop. They must be the dependable go-to team you can trust in your IT infrastructure monitoring and management.

When MSPs have their skin in your game, they will brace any impact during unprecedented times and help you navigate the escalation game. Rather than acting as a technician, the actual MSP will partner with your users to elevate the service levels of your technology department. Predictable service delivery, proactive monitoring, lower downtime, faster resolution, adopting best practices, and safeguarding against future threats make your MSP the real hero of your success. 


To grow and be successful, every company needs a growth-oriented mindset. A break-fix mindset can help you deal with a crisis, but it is not enough to help your company grow. To have a growth-oriented mindset is to be obsessed with finding ways to improve your product or service, increasing sales, making your customers happier, hiring new employees, etc.

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