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Are you frustrated, pissed off, and fed up with bad IT support and MSPs? You’re not alone.  In a recent survey on Reddit 85% of IT Support customers were dissatisfied and unhappy. That makes sense, as 80% of cloud data breaches come from misconfigurations IT Companies, and Managed Service Providers are supposed to be experts about. What has happened in the IT Support Industry? How do we make it stop? What can companies do to protect themselves from bad MSPs?

The My MSP Sucks Playbook gives away all the industry secrets IT companies don’t want you to know. Learn how to pick the right provider for your company, the best questions to ask, and what tech trends are helping businesses grow in 2022. Learn how to:

•    Save money and increase the productivity of your I.T. department
•    Turn IT into a competitive advantage instead of a headache
•    Spot the lies MSPs tell businesses just to win business
•    Ask the right questions and look for the right qualities to find the right I.T. fit.