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10 Reasons Why Your MSP is Failing You

An MSP (Managed Service Provider) is a third-party company that remotely manages a client’s information technology (IT). It also administrates the infrastructure and end-user systems of clients. Usually, companies hire MSPs to perform a set of pre-defined services.

Although you provide a complete set of tasks to an MSP, they might still fail you. As a business owner, it can have a huge negative impact on your customers. 

But, why does this happen, and more importantly, which one to choose? Here are 10 reasons why your MSP is failing you.

Why Is Your MSP Failing You? Here are 10 Reasons that Explain!

  1. Lack of Proactive Monitoring
    Have you ever had to inform your MSP that the system is facing downtime or the service is offline? Isn’t it supposed to be their responsibility to have proactive monitoring to identify such issues for you? It is a commonly occurring issue that indicates that your MSP does not have the right monitoring tools. 
  2. Unclear Communication 
    Poor communication between you and MSP will cause various issues. Let’s say you want to make a few changes to your system, but your MSP is slow to respond. So, before the provider is able to make those changes, your customers will already have had a bad experience.
    Similar cases of unclear communication can really harm your business and its reputation. 
  3. Working with a new MSP
    Has your MSP made a few too many mistakes till now? That might be due to their lack of experience with your industry. Although every provider might offer a long list of their past clients, not all of them can be relevant to yours.
    Understanding your business niche is important. Thus, if you are working with an MSP that has no experience with that niche, they will have difficulty handling this workload. 
  4. No Disaster Recovery Plan
    Have you checked in with your MSP’s disaster recovery plan? Almost every business system faces a disaster. It can lead to a massive data loss. However, if there is a recovery plan, you can recover all the data.
    But, what if there is no disaster recovery plan? Or if it is not an efficient one? These are the questions you should ponder with your MSP as it puts your sensitive data at risk.
  5. Not Enough Customization
    Almost every business, big or small, has moved to the cloud. It is easier to provide services for their customers by shifting their applications. But, you should first check whether your MSP offers customization or not. And if even they do, does this customization support your business industry? Either way, your organization will lag behind.
  6. Inefficient Cybersecurity Measures
    In this modern age, cybersecurity is the most important aspect of a business. No company in the world is fully protected. But, your business should have top-notch cybersecurity measures to protect against cyber-attacks and breaches. It is an MSP’s responsibility to provide the right security protocols.
    You can test them with a small cyber-attack to see whether they are efficient or your business is very open.
  7. Little to No Maintenance
    Mos MSPs will try to perform less maintenance as possible. That’s because it requires less effort from their side. However, low maintenance can lead to various errors in your system. Your business can face a huge downfall in customer retention if these occurring errors are not checked regularly. 
  8. Inefficient Reporting
    If your business system keeps facing downfalls and glitches, but you are not being reported, your MSP is responsible for that. Having errors is one thing, but not knowing what they are puts your customer experience at risk. An ideal MSP should report you with every update, either minor or major, so that you can be satisfied. 
  9. Can not Support Your Upscaling
    Most MSPs are not equipped to support upscaling business. If such is the case with your provider, you might never grow your company. 
  10. Not Good at Budget Planning
    Are you wondering how much should you pay to your MSP? Then, your provider is not good with their budget planning. Strategizing projects and budget is a combined business effort, and an MSP should also participate in that. 
msp failing

How to Find the Right MSP?

If your MSP is making the mistakes above, it’s time to move on. Protected Harbor is easily one of the best MSPs you can find. They offer full customization, which means you can take your business to the cloud anytime you want.
The best part about Protected Harbor is that they focus primarily on customer experience. Since they are also equipped with tools and plans to scale your business, you can easily grow in no time!

These are the common reasons why an MSP fails a company. Although most providers make these mistakes, your business can rely on Protected Harbor without worries. 

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